Call for Applications


As part of our ’Made@EU’ European Commission sponsored project, we are able to offer a highly subsidized five-day intensive ‘hands-on’ introduction to 3-D digital fabrication systems for professionals working with traditional crafts and the decorative arts.

The purpose of these workshops is to introduce participants to the potential of 3-D digital technologies - allowing them to understand how they might be integrated into their existing workflows, and helping them to evaluate the benefits they might bring to their particular form(s) of practice.

Participants will be introduced to an array of computer-controlled tools. Facilities will vary across sites, but typically will include: CNC milling and laser cutting, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), 3D scanners as a means to capture digital information, computer-aided-design, and physical computing to control sensors and actuators with the help of micro-controllers well as a brand new industrial robotic arm and a full woodworking workshop.

Residency and Exhibition Programme

As the second stage in our EU funded 'Made@EU' Creative Europe project we are offering a number of subsidized residencies for creative professionals to develop projects that explore the integration of 3-D digital fabrication systems into their processes of design and production, to realize a new outcome.

The objectives of these residencies is to give selected applicants sustained access to appropriate traditional and digital workshop and technical support processes to enable participants to develop a project that creatively investigates the potential offered by digital ‘maker’ technologies and to explore how these new processes might integrate with their existing methods and workflows.

The residency call is geared to highly motivated creative professionals who will develop projects that exhibit innovative formal, technical, aesthetic, social, or economic achievements, within their form(s) of practice.

We are looking for highly motivated and experienced creative artists, craftspeople, designer-makers, and hackers, (hardware, software and systems). Candidates should ideally have some understanding of the potential of digital processes in relation to their work enough to make a convincing project proposal.

We envisage selecting between 3 and 5 residences lasting anything from 3 weeks continuous to, for example, 1 week per month for 3 months. The residencies can be Part Time or Full Time, with flexible schedules to be agreed with applicants, according to the project proposed. We encourage international applicant by covering accommodation and subsistence cost with maximum of 1400€ per residency.

To make an application, complete the on-line Residency Application Form below. The form will take you through a series of steps designed to describe your project proposal in terms of its aims and envisaged project outcomes, anticipated production processes and necessary materials, anticipated length of the residency to achieve the intended outcomes, and the preferred start and end times.

Apply for a Residency (4-8 Weeks)

Our Venues

There is more information about each of the locations you can apply to below.

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Fablab Barcelona @ IAAC

Established in 2007 within IAAC, FabLab Barcelona is a widely recognised leader within the MIT FabLab Network both as an educational center coordinating the global FabAcademy course and as a independent research platform.

Our new Green FabLab is located within 20 minutes from the Barcelona city center and focuses on the integration of digital technologies with natural resources, with research programs focusing on the development of new environmentally friendly materials and fabrication processes.

The educational programme at the Green Fablab focuses on the integration of traditional crafts and fabrication with digital fabrication technologies, making it the ideal scenario for the Made@EU workshops. This FabLab is equipped with both large and small milling machines, laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter, as well as a brand new industrial robotic arm and a full woodworking workshop.

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Les Ateliers

ENSCI - École nationale supérieure de création industrielle
“French national institute for advanced studies in industrial design”

We are an interdisciplinary, industrial design, graduate-level school in the heart of Paris that offers advanced study, consultancy and research in all aspects of contemporary design practice as well as a Textile designer master (DT), a professional master in Design and contemporary technology (CtC) and the Innovation by Design (IdB) programme for non-designers.

Les Ateliers is recognised for its innovative approach to design education, based on diversity of student profiles, individualised programming and project-based learning.
Academic study is balanced with professional experience and the study platform allows each student to develop his / her own profile, vision and field of practice.
An industrial partnership programme provides the frame for commissioned project work in one of a dozen (approx.) project studios and postgraduate D Labs, and a wide range of professional internships is available in France and abroad.
ENSCI-Les Ateliers is a founding member of the Master of European Design programme (MEDes) created with 6 other leading institutes in Europe.

The school is located in historic premises near the Bastille - once home to the workshops of the decorator Jansen and is open 24 hours a day all year round..
Recently, ENSCI has began the FabFlex project aimed at introducing digital fabrication to design students, with the aim of providing them with valuable insights in a new context of production where manufacturing is a key part of the creation process.

Les Ateliers
is the school’s nickname, principally used outside France.
This nickname represents the space rather than the institution, an 11,000 sqm loft space in central Paris, previously made up of specialist crafts workshops working for Jansen, the decorative arts company. “Les Ateliers” echoes the traditional values of skill exchange and complementarity necessary for project teamwork, in both creative making and creative thinking.

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Plymouth College of Art

The brand new Fab Lab at Plymouth College of Art, offers Made@EU project participants, the unique opportunity to explore high end technologies and in addition, cross over into the new £8m Contemporary Crafts and Design Workshops. The project’s first phase consists of a highly subsidized five-day intensive ‘hands-on’ introduction to 3-D digital fabrication systems for professional practitioners to be run at Plymouth College of Art from the 9th to the 13th February 2015.

The Fab Lab Plymouth workshop, equipped with the latest generation of computer controlled machines, is capable of working on a micron scale, allowing users to produce usable objects which not only fulfil their needs but also reflect their values. It is a free resource fully equipped with a 3D scanner, lazer cutter, 3 CNC milling machines, CNC router, 3D colour printer and vinyl cutter. The college look forward to Made@EU participants exploring the potential of 3-D digital technologies, including how they might integrate and enhance traditional creative processes.

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