Plymouth College of Art

Adriana Ionascu

Artist and researcher

InterSpaces Prototypes

The project aims to address the spatiality of domestic / public spaces and to re-appropriate the clay medium to the interior design of buildings.

Although making-up space, interior walls in domestic and public spaces are usually perceived as neutral, flat, functional surfaces, devoid of aesthetic references. Adriana’s intention is to change the anatomy of interior walls by introducing visual interest and sensorial perception by developing series/ multiples of relief-forms/mouldings for the architectural surfaces of the wall (inter-spaces). The use of ceramics reopens possibilities of physical scale and aesthetic expression; it enables the development of digitally-formatted three-dimensional forms and surfaces adaptable to interior space.

Clay is considered overly traditional and not modern enough, yet it remains a practical, reliable, human-friendly material. Fired ceramics has contributed historically to the physicality and materiality of buildings (tile, brickwork, moulded, hand-crafted ornaments and surface decoration) yet the material has hardly been contemporised artistically. Ceramic materials have a domestic presence - from the physicality and materiality of buildings to the ritual connotations of domestic ware, clay proves to be a valuable medium of production.

Based on material and digital experimentation, Adriana proposes to reconsider the identity of interior walls and thus to reconsider clay materials, aesthetic qualities, functionality and space references, readdressing their visual expression. Her intention is to alter the ways in which we relate to space, proposing a different interaction.

Adriana Ionascu is an artist and reasearcher whose work explores how objects and people perform and how people perform in relation to objects. She focuses on the relationships between users and domestic artefacts handled within preset social practices - which define the body as a product of social and cultural intervention. The work is concerned with the connections between ceramics and textile as familiar materials in the domestic milieu and with a particular closeness to the human body.

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