Made@Eu Workshops

The Made@EU project also consists of a series of 5 workshops in Barcelona, Paris, Plymouth, Budapest and Amsterdam.

These workshops are designed to impact directly the bridging of the “digital divide”, fostering and curating the creation of products and projects which clearly represent the spirit of the Made@EU project.They are directed at all members from the European creative sectors such as product designers, fashion designers and craftspeople such as potters, metal smiths, glassmakers, woodworkers, ceramists and mixed media artists.

The Workshops are based on a 5 day BootCamp model developed by the FabLab Network and involve both theoretic and practical instruction centred around the following digital fabrication tools:

• 3D Printing

• 3D Scanning

• Laser Cutting

• CNC Milling

• PCB Milling

• Moulding and Casting

• Plasma Cutting

• Vinyl Cutting

Participants not only receive theoretic instruction on each process, but also take an active role and acquire hands on experience in the use of all equipment.

The workshops are taught by one local instructor and one instructor from one of the partner institutions order to promote the cross flow of knowledge between experts from the different partners.