Fab Lab Barcelona

Roman Torre

Media artist

Liquid series Melancholia II

Liquid series rises from an abstract idea of how can an object with a great physical strain can momentarily liquefy and blur its spacial and physical characteristics through a visual game. In this line of research, the geometry of the object takes the form of the truncated polyhedron. This truncated polyhedron enigmatically appears in an engraving of 1514 called Melancholia I, made by the famous German Renaissance artist, Albrecht Dürer.

For a long period, theorists, mathematicians and art historians are trying to interpret the symbolism of the composition, where the objects related to geometry or mathematics, such as a sphere or this polyhedral shape that seems so interesting, are carefully introduced with diverse objects and main characters.

In Melancholia I, the object consists of the physical sculptural recreation of the truncated polyhedron, where the different states of matter are narratively revealed to the viewer’s senses.This narration is achieved by the object rotating at its axis and augmented by projection mapping. The second part of the series, Melancholia II, the geometry itself breaks into two pieces, deforms and generates new shapes, distorts and comes back to its reconstruction.

Roman Torre is an artist whose creative work in not confined to a specific format, although he usually uses digital tools intensively. Torre tries to mix technical curiosity and creativity with simple day to day experiences. He has experimented with diverse ways of implementing technology to interact phisically or virtually with light, sound, and visuals in real time. Torre has worked directing, producing and collaborating on audiovisual and interactive productions of all shapes and sizes, from small immersive installations to large scenic productions.

For more info visit: http://www.romantorre.net/