Fab Lab Barcelona

Ricardo O'Nascimento

Media artist

Batuque interactive garment

“Batuque” is a performance inspired by the Afro-Brazilian faith Candomblé. In this belief the entities are represented by people wearing specific clothing as part of a ritual that transposes them into another dimension.

The name “Batuque” is used to refer to the religion, especially before the 19th century and is also the Brazilian word associated with percussion instruments and with african roots. In this performance the wearer becomes a sort of creature or entity that has an extra sense. Its skin senses the surround sound and reacts to it accordingly, with movements and vibrations.

The garment uses sensor technology and digital prototyping techniques, such as 3d printing and laser engraving, to create a magical and enjoyable experience.

Ricardo O'Nascimento is an artist and researcher on the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments. He is the founder of POPKALAB - a design/research studio focused on innovation on the field of wearable technology. He holds degree from PUC - SP , SENAC - SP and the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz at the Interface Culture Department. Currently he works in his studio and teaches at some places.

For more info visit: http://www.onascimento.com/