Mattia Bernini


Precious Plastic Extrusion Machine

The Precious Plastic Shredder machine makes it possible to break up large plastic objects by transforming them into tiny pieces ready for processing with other machines. Then, the Precious Plastic Extrusion machine can turn these chips into “wires” made of recycled plastic and process large quantities of plastic continuously.

Thanks to different functionalities, the “threads” can be round, oblong or of specific section, opening the way to new aesthetics and functions. A round wire can thus be reused as a base material in a 3D printer, but other shapes can be made, for example, creating objects by weaving or assembly.

Unlike a standardized industrial product, each thread is unique, in its history and its color variations.

Mattia Bernini is a graphic designer and interaction designer. Originally from Florence, he was trained in London and since 2015, has worked on Precious Plastic Machines to promote and support the recycling of plastics worldwide.

For more info visit: http://www.dccoi.ie/directory/clients/member/22324