Plymouth College of Art

Matthew Bush

3d Designer and maker

Layered and clay

Bush’s aim is to explore the relationship between a new technology, digital craft and a traditional craft, introducing 3D printing as a new technology by creating luxurious home furnishings.

3D printing has rapidly developed in the last few years and will soon become part of our homes and daily lives. Bush’s vessels are designed to bring 3D printed objects into the home as luxury items, showing how additive manufacturing will influence the future details of the objects that surround us.

Merging this new technology with a traditional process such as ceramics brings a familiar medium that introduces the new technology’s potentials. This is further expressed in the vessel forms themselves where the 3D printed forms aims to capture the complexity of nature. These complex forms are generated using fractal geometry.

Bush would like to question how the process of making adds value to material, by challenging our perception of what is luxury material by coupling porcelain with plastic. This raises the question on how the processes used to create a form creates value by elevating the value of plastic as a luxury material.

Overall, his aim is be to stay in the field of home furnishings, creating either decorative or functional objects. He would like to explore the possibility of making furniture ideally using fabrications processes combined with traditional processes.

Matthew Bush is an artist whose approach to design is centred around making. He believes material engagement and knowledge of the making process is important and key to innovative design ideas, combined with curiosity and artistic thinking which encourage collaboration and experimentation. This mentality reinforced the ethos of his developing practice which challenges the potential of materials and craftsmanship though the use of traditional, modern and digital craft.

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