Fab Lab Barcelona

Ludovic Mallegol

Designer and researcher

The Robot's Secret

The Robot’s secret is a project that seeks to reply to the digital era of mass customisation by blending traditional crafts and technology. Can we create platforms for open design and make them accesible to everybody? Can the creative process be participatory and democratised?

Traditional carving tools and a hot wire cutter are attached on 6 axis industrial robot that follows a path to carve ceramics and give traditional craftsman a new design tool for fabrication.

The Robot’s secret works on the idea of materialising the invisible sound waves into touchable ceramic pieces. The sound input generates the robotic movement, leaving its trace on the ceramic piece.

Ludovic Mallegol is a designer focused on the question of making visible the invisible. This question is at the center of his artistic reasearch: how to make tangible the sensitive, how to materialize it? What is the form of a concept? His technical and artistic double profile allows him to seek answers to this questions through diverse media, thus materializing his projects using cartography, serigraphy, installations, parametric architecture, design, robotics or editing.

For more info visit: http://www.ludovicmallegol.com/