Plymouth College of Art

Laura Martinez

Material and surface designer

Generative Goldwork Collection

Martinez is very interested in how patterns are generated in nature. She is currently experimenting with processing for generative 3D design and would like to experiment on how this process can be incorporated on her practice.

The aim is to push the limits of the technology and craft in terms of complexity and aesthetic. She would like to produce not only geometries that cannot be achieved with traditional fabrication processes but also to blur the perception between the machine made and hand made by integrating the gold work.

Laura Martinez is a Spanish material designer/maker based in London specializing in technology and material research for surface design. Martinez research looks at how digital fabrication technologies could be informed by processes associated with the hand-made to redefine future craft. In particular, she is very interested in 3D printing technologies for textiles and jewelry and traditional textile craft processes, like embroidery and lace making.

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