Farming Soul - Jean Pierre Comte + Mathieu Grosche

Technician, Designer

Système Bicitractor

The Bicitractor is an agricultural tool powered with energy produced by pedaling. Intended for market gardening, it is used to sow, weed and harvets. It allows to mechanically carry out difficult tasks and eliminates the nuisance caused by an engine.

Its blueprints are completely open-source, consultable and improvable by all. It is self-built by its future user, with help of training courses. It is modular and adaptable to the needs of each user, while remaining very inexpensive compared to a conventional tractor.

Its open system allows everyone to propose improvements such as new tools for new functions. These proposals are then shared with the community as a whole. It is a tractor and agricultural tool designed and manufactured by farmers for farmers.

The collective Farming Soul aims to develop tools driven by pedaling -Bicimachines- intended for various uses (washing machines, water pumps, kitchen mixers..). All plans of their projects are open source in order to restore autonomy to the farmers by encouraging them to build their tools again.

For more info visit: http://www.mathieugrosche.com/#!bicitractor/c1yxy