Plymouth College of Art

Alfie Smith


Printing In Pâte De Verre

Alfie Smith’s aim is to refine and perfect the creation of pâte de verre pieces using a delta printer to create unique forms, that can be both sculptural and useful.

He tries to particularly focus on the firing techniques which have been an issue for other artists that have attempted this technique. It is a very new process and could potentially create a refined form of glassworking. The residency allowed Smith to create a range of tests and final pieces using a pâte de verre paste as a medium in a delta 3D printer. He hopes that the research gained from this practice can be submitted to the crafts council, expanding the knowledge of digital crafts in glass making.

Smith’s focus is to use traditional techniques to aid the printing and firing of the pieces. Research on the recipe of pâte de verre requires traditional techniques to create an ideal recipe for an effective paste.

Smith makes use of the digital tools and processes to improve and modify the delta printer to create a more effective machine.

Alfie Smith is a student a his final year of a BA Hons degree in Applied Arts at Wolverhampton University.His work is currently exploring the application of 3D printing in ceramics, focusing on creating modular forms that connect together to create vessels and sculptures.